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Love Your Guts

  • Hop + Grain Brew Store 50 Sydney Street Marrickville, NSW, 2204 Australia (map)

The first in the Feed Me series! 


Join Rosie and Lydia Irving from Internal Instinct to learn about how the health of your gut can impact the health of your mind! At this workshop, you'll learn how to make your very own SOURDOUGH, AND techniques to bring mindfulness to your everyday life! 
You'll go home with your very own sourdough ready to bake and a cute little bowl for him to live in.

Lydia says: In todays world we are bombarded by an array of "Nutritional Facts" - the latest diets are continuing to propagate and trend rapidly. Just as fast as these diets come into fruition, they disintegrate. Why? Because they take the power away from you. Leave you stranded out to dinner with no idea what to eat nor how to eat it. Most importantly, diets isolate you from social circles and increase stress around meal times. Despite currently living in a time where we have access to the most scientific information about food and the body, we are more lost than ever. Most importantly, we are more sick with diet related diseases than ever before.  Digestive complaints, food intolerances and autoimmune conditions are on the rise. I believe these to be a consequence of how disconnected we are from our food. 

My aim is to empower you as the wonderfully complex, unique being you are! To teach you to Learn to love your guts! This encompasses learning how the digestive system works, how food interacts with you and how you interact with food. Both on an emotional level and on a physical level. These are not mutually exclusive. We are complex, holistic beings who are wonderfully unique and only YOU can really understand YOU.

I invite you to come and reconnect with your gut feeling. To empower you to take back your health. Through learning about the gut microbiome, these are the microbes that inhabit our large intestine. How to feed your gut microbiome and how these microbes play an important, vital role in all aspects of your health. 

This workshop will include
- Informative talk on the role the gut plays in health
- Learn how food can damage the gut and health implications as a result
- Learn how various food preparations can heal the gut
- Learn how to prepare food for optimal digestion
- Learn how to make organic sourdough from scratch
- Enjoy a homemade healthy lunch
- Learn where to source food and how to minimise food waste
- Learn how to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life

Location: Marrickville

Price: $120 - EARLY BIRD PRICE $90
Price includes all ingredients and your very own sourdough to take home

Later Event: August 24
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