Sand Tray


It Changed Everything...

The photo below was my first ever sand tray experience with a wonderful therapist named Kellie Miles in 2013. Despite being a counselling student, I had never heard of it before in my life. What followed was quite literally life changing. From the moment I completed my first tray, I knew this was what I wanted to work with going forward. 

The idea behind sand tray is to try and switch off the conscious, analytical mind, and surrender to play. You will be presented with the tray filled with sand, and a variety of small items. Over a comfortable length of time, you will manipulate the sand and select items to place in the tray, in whichever arrangement feels correct to you. 

Following this part of the session, we will explore your tray together and see what stories it has to tell. I am yet to take part in a sand tray experience that doesn't unfold into the most intriguing and unexpected discoveries of self. It always amazes me to watch as these tiny worlds grow and be a part of the client receiving all these messages from themselves that were hidden just slightly beneath the surface.

I genuinely urge everybody to give this a try! It may change your life as dramatically and beautifully as it changed mine!