Art Therapy

Many people hear the word 'therapy' and think 'talk', however this is far from the only way to achieve your emotional and psychological goals. For some people or situations, words are not the correct tool for the job! 

Art therapy is what you make of it. It can be used to express an experience, a feeling, a relationship, a state of being that can't find its way out through words. It can be used purely as a release of energy, a cathartic expression that needs no discussion or analysis. You may know exactly what you need to get out, or you may discover the message as you work! 

Your session could centre around an experimentation with paints, pencils, crayons, collage, sculpture or craft. The activity chosen may be something you've never tried before or something you're very familiar and comfortable with. The goal is not to create a masterpiece in front of you, the goal is to work on the masterpiece inside of you. It doesn't matter what your art looks like, it matters how you feel and what you've learned.

Art therapy sessions at The Inner Adventure are as loose or as guided as you feel comfortable with, and we can explore your discoveries together and work through what you've learned and what you would like to do with your new information!