What is creative therapy?

Different modes for different roads...

Often, when people envision 'therapy' they get a vision of traditional talk style therapy, possibly a Freud-type character peering over spectacles and taking notes as a patient lies on a couch discussing their relationship with their mother. This type of therapy certainly has its place! Mothers are important and can indeed have a monumental impact on the people we become, and many people find this type of verbal, analytical method to be the most effective method for them! However it is 100% not the only option if you find yourself struggling or curious about your experiences, and it's important to explore as many different avenues as you can to help you achieve your goals! 

Creative therapy can really be whatever you need it to be, and you can learn to find its magic in any mundane activity. It can be expression for expression's sake, allowing you to pour out emotions that may be difficult to verbalise. It may be followed up with a discussion about what's come out, or it may just be the catharsis of engaging in the activity itself. In my experience, many creative interventions lead to revelations and discoveries that were previously inaccessible or incommunicable, and the words can come pouring out. Again, sometimes it doesn't happen that way! For example, I personally respond extremely well to art and movement based therapy, where play and talk therapies completely miss the mark! 

It's all about learning what works for you! 

When you book a session at The Inner Adventure, we can help you explore all the different modes of transport and find which one will best serve you on your adventure. It's about trying new things, uncovering new mysteries, learning deeply about yourself and building the life you want through these discoveries!