There are infinite layers to each one of us.

Whole worlds waiting to be discovered, explored, understood and, at our discretion, joyfully celebrated or respectfully left behind. Humans are extremely complex life forms, and so much has gone into creating the person we see in the mirror today. Furthermore, life can change in an instant and tomorrow we may find someone entirely new staring back at us.

There are unnumbered roads and pathways to go down in our inner adventure, and just as many forms of transport. All you need to do is pick one tiny thread and set off into yourself, and you never know what you'll discover in there. Once you've made these discoveries you can start to work through them and take back control over what YOU want to be a part of your story. Like in any adventure, you have to find the right mode of transport for the right journey. Perhaps this path requires words, but perhaps it wants to be discovered through play, or art, meditation or movement. Perhaps it has several stopovers in strange unexpected places before picking up via a different mode in a completely different direction. 

The Inner Adventure offers individual and couples counselling from Bondi Junction. 
Online sessions available.


photography by Leesa Mealing.